Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

According to a study by Statista, affiliate marketing spending will grow to as much as $8.2 billion in the United States by the year 2022. 

If you start today, you’ll be in a good position by 2022 to take advantage of that growth. 

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money through commissions by promoting the products of other companies. Buyers will have to click on your link for you to earn that commission. You are not limited to just one company. You will be given a link by the merchant so they can track the affiliate to be credited for the sale. 

Here is a simple guide to affiliate marketing for beginners.

Choose a platform 

Theoretically, you can choose any platform, you can even use your social media account for that matter. However, you’ll reach a bigger audience with these two channels, YouTube and a blog. Today, it’s easy to start a blog or a YouTube channel because you’ll find a lot of tutorials online to help you get started. 

Pick a niche

With so many bloggers in the U.S. alone (approximately 31 million), you have to choose your own niche. You have to focus on a specific category. For example, food is a vague topic, so you have to choose something specific, like healthy food options, or bizarre food ideas, or regional food recipes. Choose one that you have the authority to write about. 

Choose your affiliate program 

There are different types of affiliate programs so it is important to research more about these three so you can choose the one that best suits you. There are a few things to consider as well so researching about these affiliate programs is valuable. 

Create good content

Your content should be high-quality to attract visitors and potential clients. Don’t just mention products and their features. Go the extra mile by finding out what exactly the visitors need or offer solutions to their problem. 

If you’re writing reviews, it is believable if you actually buy the product and test it. If you have budget restrictions, you can start with what you already have. 

Drive traffic to the affiliate site

Make sure that you are getting more people to read your content and keep them interested to click on the affiliate links. 

Get the clicks you need on your affiliate links

Having excellent content doesn’t automatically mean visitors will click on the affiliate links. There are a few things to consider like its placement. Placing the link at the bottom of the page will not get you the clicks you want because most readers rarely scroll to the end. You should place the link in a strategic place. 

Convert those clicks into sales

Two conversions need to happen for you to get paid. First is visitors clicking on the product page and buying the product. Your best bet is to find merchants with programs that are proven to convert well. 

Success in affiliate marketing will take time. Just focus on making your initial affiliate sale and as the site grows, you can set new goals and continue with experimenting. This is how you build a site that will give you a steady income. 





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