Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

Guest Post By: Shubham Chopra

If you are marketing your business online, there are two important things that will lead to the ultimate success of your internet business. Those two things consist of your web conversion rate, and the traffic coming to your site. Why is traffic important though? 

Well, it is pretty obvious. If you don’t have visitors coming to your website, then you won’t make any sales. Therefore, learning how to generate traffic is very important for the survival of your online business. 

Discussed below, are some methods that will assist you in sending free targeted website traffic to your online business.


Being a guest blogger on a website that has a fair share of traffic is a great way to do article marketing. By posting your content and link on a page that is often visited by many Internet users, you get to reach a market that is not normally within your range of regular readers. 

You can post a link to your website in the articles that would be published. It would help you increase the probability of having more people visit your site and eventually purchasing your products.

Submitting entries to article directories:

Consider being a consumer in search of a particular product. When you look it up online, search engines like  Yahoo! and Google would give you results that mostly pertain to articles about that product. 

These articles may include those that you have marketed and posted on other websites or in directories. Having quality content in article directories is an advantage because search engines can easily find your posts. 

However, you need to be more careful in submitting articles to these directories to avoid other writers and search engines from syndicating and duplicating your posts.

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Use forums and chat rooms:

One good way to increase targeted website traffic is to use forums and chat rooms. What you want to do is search the internet for popular forums and chat rooms that are focused on the subject of your particular niche. 

Once you find these forums and chat rooms check to see if they allow signature files. If they do create a simple file with your website URL. Then begin to participate in the discussions. 

Here’s an important warning. Do not try to promote your website directly. This could get kicked off the forum and other forum users will see you as a spammer. Just focus on posting quality information.

Joining relevant forums and chat rooms can really help you increase the number of visitors to your site. Another great way to increase targeted website traffic is to create one-way backlinks to your site. 

A smart and crafty way to do this is to leave comments on popular blogs that focus on your niche. Search for those blogs that allow you to leave comments and post your website URL along with your comments. 

Again don’t promote your site. Leave quality comments and the readers will want to click on your website URL to find out more about you.


The core goal of creating a blog to get targeted website traffic should be creating content that is interesting. When you create content that is interesting, getting targeted website traffic will be almost automatic. People will actually want to read what you have written, and you will not have to focus that much on driving them in. People will voluntarily read your content and then share it.

I believe you should try to be some sort of an expert or at least a little bit enthused about what you are writing about so you can write about it in an entertaining fashion as well. 

Usually, if you are not interested in the topic you are writing about it is going to seem like a strenuous task to write about it. Your enthusiasm would not last long and eventually, this will spill out in some way or another.

Lastly, you should focus on creating content that gives people the information they can apply. Information people can apply usually comes in the form of some sort of instruction. 

People are usually looking for things they can actually do in order to solve their problems or make their lives better. If they do not walk away with a clear idea of what they can start doing, then the content you have created to get website traffic isn’t effective enough.

Website Content:

Website content plays a very important role in boosting your website traffic. You must make sure that your content must be of good quality, original must have keywords, and the most important thing it should be informative. 

Before writing your content you must search for those keywords that are searched by people a maximum number of times in different search engines. You must include only those keywords in your content. 

If you really want to increase then you must update your content on a regular basis. If your content is informative then the visitors will definitely visit your site again and again.

Paid Advertising:

You can also practice website advertising. Obviously, if you have a website related to an affiliate product you’re promoting, you can post an ad for that product in a prominent place on your site. 

You could write up a full-page product ad or endorsement, and link it from the main page; you could post an attractive graphic accompanied by a catchy headline, with your referral link embedded. In this way, you generate decent web traffic to your website.

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Social Media Traffic:

There are a lot of Internet marketers who focus on generating this kind of traffic, but if it is not done right you can end up wasting a lot of time and energy. If you decide to pay for the traffic that is on these sites it will be quite cheap. 

But you must have a plan to make use of that traffic so the money you spend pays off. Even though this traffic is cheap it can still add up to a lot if used wrongly. If you go the free route, be patient when trying to throw a sales pitch at someone.

Using traffic networks:

Pay per view is a great option for those who are in big niches and have a little bit of money to spend on website traffic generation. This type of traffic has been called garbage traffic, but that is not the case really. 

Pay per view traffic is meant to be used to generate leads and ultimately sales. It is so cheap because it is going to take several views in order to get one lead. A smart marketer will know how to make good use of this type of traffic.

Creating Backlinks:

Backlinks, by the way, are the number of pages that are pointing back to your website or at least some of the pages in your website. One could have as many backlinks as one desires.

Just make sure though that these backlinks are relevant to your website and are ones of good quality. At the very least, these are pages that have contents that are related to your website so that in this way whatever website traffic that these pages attract might also be directed to your website, one way or the other, with the reverse also happening.

Creating backlinks is important because a website’s backlinks create the impression that the site is credible and preferred. The more backlinks that a website has, especially if these are quality ones, the more visitors will trust, view, and visit the site.

The visits should eventually convert themselves to purchases and more profit. This is very important in creating backlinks for targeted website traffic.

Secondly, there is significance to creating backlinks because the latter is used to measure a website’s stability, relevance, and visibility. Online visitors do not have time to view websites in the bottom list of search engines’ results pages.

They only want to check those that are in the top five or ten because they know that these are the websites that they are looking for. These are the websites that will be very useful to them.


There are other types of traffic you can learn about, a lot of them are free and then there are those that cost a little bit of money to take advantage of. 

In either case, when you are working on website traffic generation you need to make sure you are getting the right type of traffic geared towards the site you are promoting. 

Some traffic will be in a mood to be sold right away while others have to be led into it gently. Knowing what kind of traffic you have and where it is coming from will help you in the long run.



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